Hi Everybody, I'm Dan Haughian from The GolfWorks Academy and I'm delighted to be able to contribute the odd guest post to GolfCentralDaily.

It's always super busy here. This week I had European Junior Champion Jacob Jones and ladies European Tour pro Carly Booth in for coaching. Jacob comes all the way from Devon to see me and Carly drives down from Gleneagles. That's dedication!

Any of you who watch the LET will know that Carly has a fantastic golf swing and we were working on rotating through in her downswing rather than hanging back a little on her right side.

The guys had a little match after the coaching session and despite this great putt by Jacob, Carly just won.  I must be coaching them both well as they both kicked my ass!

Great game today with European Ladies Tour professional Carly Booth & Junior superstar Jacob Jones! Great putt here from JJ to win the hole!
Posted by The GolfWorks Academy on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yesterday I had Liverpool footballer James Milner in for some coaching.  James has got all the attributes of a cracking swing and yesterday we worked on his alignment as he tends to aim a little left with his shoulders causing his path to work too far left.

He also can tend to start his downswing with his shoulders dropping rather than starting the downswing from the ground up so we do a lot of stop at top drills.

Pic: Carly and James at the academy.

Here's Jame's swing in slow motion.

That's it for now guys! Feel free to contact me on Facebook here and Instagram here with any of your coaching questions. Check out The GolfWorks Academy website here and we are also on Facebook here. See you next time!

Pic tnx: Dan Facebook, Instagram.

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