GolfCentralDaily understands that Sky Sports golf commentator Ewen Murray is today putting the finishing touches to a 144 character twitter rant which could see him finally put his arch nemesis British Airways permanently out of business.

The ordinarily mild mannered Scot, who can remember exactly what he had for dinner the day Fuzzy Zoeller won the Masters, again sent BA Chief Executive Willie Walsh and his legal team scurrying for cover after he threatened to use his superior command of the English language to land a killer tweet on the airline after they 'lost' his suitcase for the 7,567th time.

Murray, who without even trying knows the names of the five best courses 'up the road' from any Tour venue, was today reunited with his brown suitcase after the airline finally relented and returned it to him.  The climbdown from BA came after two weeks solid ranting by Murray about its absence to his 11.5k Twitter followers saw the airline's share price plummet by 37% to an all time low.

"It's a wonderfully life encapsulating thing is a suitcase of a golf commentator who travels the world," said Murray. "I remember the greats like Ballesteros, Hagen, Hogan and even Snead all having suitcases."

Conspiracy theorists have linked the fact that Murray's suitcase went missing 18 months to the day that several hundred suitcases seemingly disappeared without trace somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

"Whilst having breakfast with Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Jack Nicklaus this morning the contents of the perfect tweet that will finally topple those luggage looting losers came into my head,” Murray told GCD. "It'll be a tweet like no other, shimmering with sentiment and alive with alliteration."

While he wouldn’t be drawn on the contents of the potentially airline ending tweet,  Murray did indicate it would be one of those without tenses and using numbers as words that you have to read several times before figuring out what it means but when you do you appreciate the craft that went into compressing such a big sentence into just 144 characters.

It is believed Murray will publish the tweet the day after his bags go missing on the flight to the PGA Tour's Tour Championship in late September.

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Pic tnx: ewen murray twitter and yes of course it was photoshopped after coz ewen would never wear and acdc shirt or read 80's playboy.
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