I'm wondering if its some sort of social media strategy that Rory McIlroy has been advised to follow this past week, because after a period of inactivity we suddenly have videos of him demonstrating some serious ankle power with the medicine ball and even hitting drives.  And yesterday even the gory pic of the ankle just after the injury was instagramed. Just to give Nike bosses another little heart attack!

And yet for all this activity, Rors people haven't simply publicly released a statement indicating his intention to play in the US PGA Championship. Or not.

That's not the way I would have handled it.

What I can say from friends out there is that a private jet sit fully fueled and ready to go at the airport near to where Rory is staying in Portugal and it looks certain that it will be submitting a flight plan for Kohler Wisconsin today.

Come on Rory, out with it. You are playing!

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