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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered his frontline troops to be on a war footing, after several hundred golf balls came raining across its heavily fortified border, state media reports.

The KCNA report said Mr Kim declared a "semi-state of war" after PGA Tour professional Sang Moon Bae, on military service in South Korea, was discovered pelting balls from into the demilitarized zone which divides the warring nations.

"I've had it with them f*cking golf balls," said Mr Kim in a state broadcast. "There are already two big hairline cracks in the window of my conservatory and now the little bugger has damaged three of my giant propaganda speakers. Those are BOSE you know and they cost a fortune. And besides, I have a hundred sheep in that demilitarized zone and if any of them ever ate one of them bloody golf balls, it would choke them and sure then we'd have no money to buy presents for the generals at Christmas.  He either stops shelling us with balls or we nuke The South. I'm f*cking serious." 

The North often uses fierce rhetoric when tensions rise and it has made similar declarations before.

Since the incident North Korea have been using their remaining propaganda loudspeakers at the border to broadcast messages saying "Sang Moon Bae Cannot Putt Very Well" "Sang Moon Bae's Shades Make Him Really Silly" in what many believe is an effort to provoke the South into an escalation of the current situation.

More as it emerges.

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