Ryan Palmer is in the field at The Barclays, just days after his 71 year old Dad died when his SUV rolled over. Jason Sobel spoke to Palmer for ESPN.

These are the words Ryan Palmer hears himself speaking, surreal as they sound, just days after Charles Franklin "Butch" Palmer died in a car wreck.
It happened a week ago Tuesday. Butch rolled his car over on Loop 335 in Amarillo around 8 p.m., right near the State Highway 136 exit. He was 71.
His family was in shock, of course. They mourned, they grieved. They quickly made plans for a service to remember him, even though Butch was the type of gruff old sort who didn't want anyone making too much of a fuss over him. So much so, that he'd always requested to be cremated.
"He was one of those stubborn guys," Ryan says with a knowing smile. "He always said, 'Don't put me in a box.' He didn't want people standing over him at a gravesite."

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