Supervisors at the creche Donald Trump is attending while at the Women's British Open were said to be so happy with his behaviour yesterday that they were putting a gold star on his chart.

The news comes after the manager of Turnberry Toddlers, Ms Lisa Dumfry, had earlier in the week reported some disappointing behaviour by Donald towards other kids in the playroom.

"Yes we had a few little incidents where Donald was maybe frightening the other boys and girls by maybe telling them he would have his little finger on the red button in a few years time and would maybe be sending them all up in a mushroom cloud if they didn't give him their toys but that's all stopped now," Ms Dumfry said in a teachery tone though she's not qualified to be one.  "Yesterday and today he was a great boy altogether and there were no tears from any of the others. He didn't wet his nappy or anything."

Ms Dumfry is due to meet with her supervision team later today to discuss if the turnaround in young Donald's manner will merit him being allowed to ring the bell at lunchtime on Sunday; the pinnacle of achievement for any child attending a creche.

In related news the Turnberry Toddlers was yesterday granted $50,000,000 by an anonymous donor to fix up the playground and purchase better quality spaghetti.

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