If you haven't been following the construction of the Olympic Golf Course in Rio over the past number of years, it can be summed up in one word; "disaster".

Corruption, delays, riots, mismanagement, waste are five more.

The process of building a brand new golf course down the road from where there's a perfectly good one already has captured the world's imagination to the tune of 3,820 twitter followers.

At least however, no money was wasted on the trophy as Kuch, Henrik Stenson and Ben An unveiled the 1904 Olympic Golf Trophy yesterday.  No doubt it was sitting in the attic of some member of the Olympic Council beside several boxes of Rolex's.

Pictures of the course were also tweeted yesterday. Ughhhh.

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  1. The Olympic trophy looks like some decepticon transformer.. it probably transforms into Dustin Johnson, just a machine with no inner thought process..