Having a bit of fun with Geoff Shackelford in the headline but surely the US media have to take off the rose tinted glasses that make it look like Tiger Woods has arisen from the golfing dead.

He hasn't.

To his eternal credit Woods started 68-66 at the Quicken Loans National to sit T3 at half time but sadly on 'moving day' the only moving he did was backward.

Today Tiger looked uncomfortable. The struggling, vulnerable Woods we've seen lately was back. For me the problem has nothing to do with patterns, or the swing or anything technical; it's just that his nerves are short circuiting after almost 40 years at the top of the golf world and bottom of the underworld.

It's almost like watching like a reincarnation of Seve; Tiger has to get himself into terrible trouble with the driver to forget his problems and produce a moment of brilliance to get himself out of it.  Today's round had it at the beginning and the end.

This was on the 2nd hole.

This drive on 18 was wicked.

The worst of Tiger.
Posted by Donal Hughes on Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yet he pulled off this recovery to save bogey!

The best of Tiger.
Posted by Donal Hughes on Saturday, August 1, 2015

The 'process' continues.

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