Hi guys, coach Dan Haughian here.  It has been a very busy week of coaching and doing instructional pieces for different golf media. One of the highlights was having Manchester United striker legends Dwight Yorke & Andy Cole in to work on their games.

Here's a little video of Dwight's progress as he works on staying more centred in his backswing, rather than swaying, to increase his consistency of his irons shots.

I also did some instructional pieces for Worldwide Golf magazine the middle east number one golf magazine and featured in the article by Carly booth on how I've helped her get her game back on track. What do you think?

Have you seen the video of Carly's tractor handstand? Amazing strength and balance!

Then this afternoon I've been doing my monthly piece for Golfers Local and how to improve your driver distance by setting up correctly.  Here's a little tip for you!

That's it for now guys! Feel free to contact me on Facebook here and Instagram here with any of your coaching questions. Check out The GolfWorks Academy website here and we are also on Facebook here. See you next time!

Pic tnx: Dan Facebook, Instagram.

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