I messaged European Tour player Eddie Pepperell myself last week to see if he would like to do some bloggage on GolfCentralDaily. He is that good at writing.  And in his latest wordpress blog post Eddie highlights the inequalities between the 'entitled' Tour players and caddies who are essentially, more often than not, left to fend for themselves.

Pic: The late Iain McGregor with Big Dave, Bo and co.

Two weeks ago at the Czech Masters, our players lounge was under the same roof as the caddies lounge. That’s about where the similarities end unfortunately. While we tucked into some organic chicken with vegetables and pasta, free of charge, the caddies were dishing out their own money for sausages and cheese! This pissed me off on so many levels. At what point do the Tour, or the promoters of the event think it is fair for caddies to be paying for their food (and water) when the players, who let’s be honest, are by contrast considerably wealthier, get theirs for free. Admittedly this doesn’t happen at every tournament, although the same has here at the KLM. I was told that at the Made in Denmark event, the caddies were treated extremely well and given the same food as the players. This should be the case at all events.

Eddie goes on to discuss contracts, or the absence of them, between player and caddie on the European Tour but also proposes some solutions.

I know some of the caddies have voiced displeasure at the way they are being treated and I’ve said to Jamie that I think he should become part of the caddies committee, as he like me, thinks change is required. I personally think the European Tour should bear the weight of the changes that will hopefully come, by either subsidising food for the caddies, or demanding that the promotor provides adequate sustenance from Monday to Sunday. Either that, or the players pay for it. By adding €20 to our entry fees each week, that, I imagine, would go a long way towards helping to pay for the caddies meals. That would equate to roughly €3,000 extra each week.

The full piece is well worth a read.  I hope Keith Pelley is reading because he needs to make an impact for the better.

In fairness at most events food is free for caddies and sometimes excellent quality. The problem is also inconsistency. There was catering for caddies in Russia last week. Then none this week in Holland. Catering was provide in Denmark then none in the Czech Republic.

There's plenty more to talk about like the way the caddies whip around to tip the catering staff every week  regardless of whether they receive free food or not but that's stuff for another day.

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