With just days to go before the Walker Cup, Great Britain and Ireland captain Nigel Edwards signaled his intent by bringing his team on a bonding trip to McDonalds for Happy Meals.

After a mostly incident free journey on the team Transit Van (there was a minor problem with Gavin Moynihan shining a laser in lads eyes) the team entered McDonald's at Amy Johnson Way in Blackpool to spontaneous applause from locals.  Staff at the restaurant gave the team complimentary balloons and allowed them to eat in the birthday party area which wasn't being used.

"It's great to see the lads bonding," said Edwards, overseeing the bunch from one of those high wood effect chairs. "The American lads might be out there doing a hundred takes to make crappy instagram videos but just look at the smiles on our guys faces after getting their Minion toys; that's priceless."
One of the five Irishmen on the team Gary Hurley even got make his own McFlurry.
"It was like the best day ever," said the West Waterford man. "I got a fairly shitty "Timmy" Minion that didn't have a flame thrower or hammer or anything so Nigel arranged for me to get to make my own McFlurry. I had a mix of Smarties and Flake; the staff there said it had never been done before so I'm pretty chuffed."
 The matches start this weekend at Royal Lytham.
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