How did I guess the US media would tug at that loose thread where Rory McIlroy intimated that this week's $10 million Tour Championship bonus wouldn't really put him up or down either way?

I just wish Rory would invest some of his vast wealth in someone like me, who might coach him to say the right things at the right times!

Left alone, even in trying to explain the comments, he dug the hole a bit deeper after his first round yesterday.  I'd say the folks at Titleist and former manager Conor Ridge nearly crashed their car when he heard this!

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Reporter: Yesterday, you were asked that question about playing for the 10 million dollars, all that, and I'm curious, when you turned pro you were so young, did you ever think about the money then when you were playing? And if so, was it important to get past that to be successful?

Rory McIlroy: No, money's never motivated me. It's never been a motivating factor in my life. My dad and mom together probably earned I don't know, 40, 50 grand a year. Combined. That was sort of our household income.

So it was never really a motivating factor to me because we never had that much to begin with. So, I probably don't -- I mean starting off, I started earning money at 18 years old and earning quite a lot, so I probably don't appreciate the value of money like some other people do. It's just never been that important to me. It's nice, it's nice to have it. It's nice to have that security for your future and for your family's future, I guess. But if I wanted to get into golf for the money, I would be in it for the wrong reasons.

Definitely not about the money so. No way!

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