War. Who needs it?

Getting past the fact that in this day and age a country can still force a citizen who lives in the USA to come back to South Korea and serve two years in the military, Sang Moon Bae faces another looming problem.

The one golden rule that South Korea do tend to honour is to grant military service immunity to any citizen who wins a gold medal at the Olympic Games but now it looks like Sang Moon will not even get that chance.

The poor bugger kept saying everything was "not a problem" at his President's Cup Captain's Pick press conference when nothing could have been further from the truth.

Sang Moon: To be honest, I have a little tough situation right now. I think this shouldn't be a problem and just I want to try focus on my game and on The Presidents Cup in Korea. That is my home country and really excited to play and I will do my best. It will be a really great team. I'm really happy to play now.

Q. I have a question for both Sangmoon and Captain Price. Obviously with Sangmoon, his military service situation, has that cleared up? Do you know if Sangmoon will be able to actually play at The Presidents Cup?
Nick Price: As far as I understand, they will speak to the government, but I'm pretty sure he'll be cleared to play.
Laura Neal: Sangmoon, have you been given any indication on your status for playing (the President's Cup)?
Sang Moon: Actually nothing changing right now, and I want say, it shouldn't be a problem. Because I already talked to all the Korean media, I've got go ‑‑ I will go to military service in this year after The Presidents Cup, actually after this season. But Nick Price just pick me up and I've got to play Presidents Cup, and I will do military service after that. So yeah, I think it shouldn't be a problem.

The real problem is that after entering the military Sang Moon will fall away off the Olympic qualification list and most likely be denied the chance to win that Gold Medal in Rio that would exempt him from marching up and down a square in case Kim Jong Il decides to shout across the border using his loudspeakers.

Its a problem.

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