In fairness we have taken the piss out of Anthony Kim's party lifestyle several times over the years so it's only right we do it again one more time.

'Golf is a fond memory of mine,'' Kim told Doug Ferguson in his first interview in three years. ''I've been watching more and more. I miss the competition a little bit. Watching these young guys like Jordan Spieth is bringing me back to watch.''

So the burning question is, with Spieth, McIlroy, Day and all these young guys taking over the golf world, is Anthony still coked up out of his eyeballs on a daily basis?

''Here's what I'm telling you today,'' he said. ''I'm going to step away from the game for a little while and get my body pieced together. Instead of going from an Achilles injury to try to go 180 mph and not fixing the problem ... I've got so much ground to make up from injuries - rotator cuff, labrum, spinal fusion, hand injury. I've had six or seven surgeries in the last three-and-a-half years.''
Hang on a second there dude. You're Anthony Kim not feckin Evel Knievel.

But Doug says don't feel sorry for Anthony, he's loaded.

He earned just over $12 million in five full seasons on the PGA Tour and says he saved up more money than people realize. The stories and photos on social media over the years painted a wild side to Kim. He doesn't deny he lived different than most golfers, nor will be apologize.

And that famous insurance policy is still paying out!

''I paid well into the mid-six figures for the policy,'' he said. ''They wouldn't have paid me every month had I not been to the doctors, showing them all my X-rays, doing all the treatment, the acupuncture, twice a day for physical therapy.''

Go get 'em Anthony. But don't hurt yourself doing it.

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