James Corrigan's interview with Rory McIlroy in The Telegraph is a must read.

It's Rory, putting all his experiences in the memory bank and learning from them. Especially about having kickarounds during Major season, which Rors says won't be happening again.

McIlroy also outlined the travel committments a global superstar takes on, and hints that we may not be seeing much more of him on the European Tour from now on.

“Look at it, some of it is amazing,” he said. “The travel - wow! I’m in an airplane for more than a fortnight a year; have been in 118 different airports in 12 months. I’ve spent 287 nights in a hotel. What does that leave? less than 80 nights in my own bed, whether it’s the one in Northern Ireland or Florida. I guess at the minute, I don't really have a home.
“I’m not moaning, because I know how lucky I am. And you don’t notice it when you're doing it. But then when you're shown it in black and white, you take a step back and think ‘blimey’. I can definitely see a time in the not so distant future when those numbers will reduce. They’ll have to, if I’m going to have a family and a home life an all that. But that’s what being a global player and playing two tours entails.”

There's also a nice comment about his exemption into the Race To Dubai while one other player suffers. Make sure you check out James piece.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with that horror tackle again.

No soccer for the next two weeks for Rors. He's back for Whistling Straits!
Posted by Golfcentral Daily on Monday, August 3, 2015

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