Thanks to Geoff Shak for listening in to Hank Haney's comments on Tiger Woods current situation.  If I was Tiger sitting in a hospital bed with a pain in my back, Hank's words would have me scrambling to get up and prove him wrong.

But then again the more I read them, the harder it is to argue.

And check out the way Hank starts out talking like a surgeon himself!

"My diagnosis is the fact that he’s missed so much time. ... You add up the knee injury, you add up the scandal, you add up everything you want to add up and it equals 6 1/2 years of the last nine years.
"You take a superior athlete – I don’t care what sport they are in – and you take them out of their sport for six out of nine years, and then you couple that to the fact that it is a 40-year-old professional athlete, so you are competing against a lot of great young players that just seemingly get better all the time, that aren’t scared of you because they’ve, frankly, a lot of them have never seen his greatness, at least they’ve never competed against it, and you think, ‘How can you get your game back?’ And especially when your game is in the state that Tiger’s was in last year, which was not good.”

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