Every year it's exactly the same.  A tonne of hopefuls show up for Q-school and play through what can only be described as a golfing torture chamber in order to gain Tour cards.

It requires a player to be on top form, on the day, on the course.  Hard luck stories abound using this antiquated mechanism and the best players are often left home scratching their heads.

It's a bit like X Factor. You occasionally get a kid who kills the audition, gets through to judges houses, and stinks.

I don't have a better way; I just know there has to be one.

This year as with every year, I'm following the Irish golfers. 28 started the Q process, two remained yesterday. Brian Casey and Paul Dunne who according to Brian Keogh pulled out some sort of Harry Houdini act to get out of his mass playoff.  Had Dunner missed that putt, gone would be the kid who nearly won the God damn Open Championship this year and did win the Walker Cup!

Now that there's a new guy at the helm of the European Tour, this might be a good time to examine the process again to see if there is a fairer better more structured way to run Q school. Mister Pelley I know you are there.

On Saturday the finals kick off in Girona.  It's a tension filled mind funk of a golfing event, with players playing a piss easy course and a tough course in PGA Catalunya over six days. You get the easy course on a sunny day (it is changeable this time of year) and you make hay.

You can make the argument that the cream will rise after the top after six rounds, and it should, but not always.

I just had a quick scan down through last year's Q-School results. I knew I'd find a Tour winner who just didn't go well in the Catalunya pressure cooker.  Down there, in T115 position, is the man who would go on to win the M2M Russian Open nine months later, Lee Slattery.  Does that make you think 'wow is Q school really the best way?'

All I can say is best of luck to Irish lads Brian Casey and Paul Houdini Dunne who will now join up with automatic finalists Peter Lawrie, Damien McGrane, Kevin Phelan, Simon Thornton and Ruaidhri McGee who played on the Challenge Tour this year.

The top 25 make it.

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