I just noticed this today which on the face of it is worrying and very wrong. Now I'm not a journalist so bear with me here!

To keep your European Tour membership you must play 13 events every season. Right?

Patrick Reed couldn't play in Ireland this year and I was having a looking at his other starts on the European Tour's website.  I noticed they have him listed as having played 11 times.  This week as the BMW Masters will make 12. Next week at the Tour Championship will be 13.  No problem it would seem.

Except when you look at the results for Reed.  Excluding this week's BMW Masters, he has only played in 10 events that could 'conceivably' count for the European Tour.  Those are the four majors, the four WGC events, the European Masters and Hong Kong Open.

So where is the missing event, not shown on the Tour's website, but will count towards him reaching 13 events and retaining a Tour card?

I did a bit of looking (a lot of looking actually) on the internet and after hours of head scratching came to the realization that the President's Cup may well count as a European Tour start for the Race To Dubai.

Are you kidding me?  An event between the USA and the Rest of the World, albeit with a handful of European Tour members, but featuring no Europeans, counts as a European Tour event?

I've tweeted the European Tour about this to get confirmation (twice now) but got nothing back.  Then I checked with a few experts I know, who confirmed it.
Update Friday: Just got this from the ET on Twitter.

You know who I feel sad for if this is true? Seve Benson, who finished in 111th on this year's Race To Dubai rankings.  This is depriving him a livelihood next year, which it would seem he rightfully earned.  The even more laughable thing is Seve is ineligible to play in the Presidents Cup by virtue of the fact that he is European and all!

And what will this loophole achieve?

To keep Patrick Reed (I'm sure he a lovely guy but) who is already 'quids in' with a full PGA Tour card for 2016 sweet for a couple of appearances in Europe. And by a couple, I mean two.

That seems disgraceful towards European golfers trying to earn a living.

Somebody tell me I'm wrong.

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