Hands up who has ever received a Christmas present like this?  It always comes from someone who know you love golf, but knows absolutely nothing about golf.

There's that moment of tension as you unwrap the present, then fake excitement. "Oh it's a three piece putter set; I'm really going to use that. Thanks so much."

Bollox. You'll never use it and now you are surrounded by people who got deadly cool gifts and you are the only one who something absolutely crap!

Here's the top shitty golf gifts I have received in my life.

1. Pink Golf Balls That Are Not Pro V1s.

What's the point? Love the name though. Nitro

2. Golf Soap

Now you can think of golf when you're washing yourself.  Because you need a wash.

3. Three piece putter

Oh yes this thing is way better than my Scotty Cameron.

4. Golf Cufflinks

I don't even own one Goddam shirt that requires cufflinks!

5. Toilet Golf

Oh great. Now I can play golf on a piss stained putting green in my toilet.

 6. Marker and Tee Set

Right lads, I'm playing a Wilson with a Santa on it. Jesus Christ. In fact it would be better if Jesus Christ were on them.

7. The Uro Club

For those of us, who like to keep our urine for later re-consumption. Now you dont have to be embarrassed about taking a piss right in front of your female playing partners.

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