I don't know if you watched Tattoo Fixers on Channel 4 last night but this guy walked in with a golf related tattooing catastrophe.

Lou, Sketch, Jay and Paisley sat open mouthed as Londoner Mark Bingham described how he got the tattoo after a heavy night of drinking on a golfing holiday in Portugal.

"I don't know what the hell I was thinking!" the 56 year old said nervously as he showed the team the Titleist tattoo running all the way down his lower leg. I usually play Top Flite balls but had found a Titleist in the rough that day and kept it in my pocket all night. I must have shown it to the tattoo artist when I walked into the shop.  I also have a 'Pro V1' on the top of my penis."

After a cover up was agreed, tattoo artist Sketch expertly covered the hideous Titleist tattoo with a bigger TaylorMade one.

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