Serious hat on for one second to start 2016 because there is something worrying me....

After the horror of the Paris terror attacks in 2015, and the fact that the France Germany soccer game was a target, I'm worried that more sporting events including golf could be next.  It's a horrible awful conversation to have, but I think it's best to address it in the hope that it might make the PGA and European Tour have a serious think about the dangers.

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ISIS and their like are not going away. And it seems every "free" country is a target. The USA, UK and even Ireland (and its citizens) are now on their official enemy list.

I have a real fear that extremists will launch an attack at a Tour event.

Unlike sports that take place in a stadium or arena, golf courses span miles, and are extremely difficult to secure. As sports go, it's a soft target. Think about it.

How easy would it be for terrorists to attack a PGA or European Tour event? How easy would it be for a sniper to shoot a top player from outside the course perimeter?

These terrorists crave attention and sensation; and they want to attack our way of life. A suicide bomb goes off in Turkey, kills 80 people and it hardly makes the news nowadays. It's only a matter of time until these extremists move towards attacking high profile individuals to try to achieve their aims.

Imagine the worldwide condemnation and outrage if a Woods, a Spieth or a McIlroy were the target of a terror attack? I could name 20 Tour or Major venues that an attacker could simply walk out onto without being detected.  Sure, there is security at the front gates and the clubhouse, but what about way out on the far reaches of the course?

God forbid anything like this does ever happen but I'm hoping there is a real plan in place to ensure it doesn't.

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