Computer programming experts from San Francisco deemed Wednesday's experiment in which a robot played the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open, a huge success.

The robot named "Eldrick", was eight years in the building, was programmed with a new sensory perception module to act and react exactly like a PGA Tour player.

After successfully getting a hole in one on the fifth attempt the robot turned to the crowd with a look of disgust.

"Took me five f*cking goes," the robot scowled. "I was given the wrong club by my sh*t caddie, you're fired by the way, to start with.  Then some drunken fool in the crowd shouted halfway through my second swing which put me off. Then I caught my ribs on the downswing and had to battle through the pain. Would have got it first time if I didn't have such imbeciles around me."

"This is a huge breakthrough for us," said computer expert Sally Conship who headed up the experiment. "We have another robot called 'Nick'  we are hoping to bring to the European Tour."

More as it emerges.

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