After an evening of frantic searching, a missing SD card containing thousands of family photographs turned up and safe and sound, in Graham DeLaet's beard.

Crisis averted after missing SD card found in Graham DeLaet's beard.

"There was absolute panic when we thought it was lost," said Ruby DeLaet. "It was a 32 gigabyte card and had literally years worth of pictures of friends and family on it. I know I should have transferred them onto a computer but I just never got around to it.  I was playing with the camera one night, just clicking in and out the card, I love the way it just springs in and out; then it was gone."

Graham DeLaet himself pleads innocence.

"First thing I knew about the SD card was when the wife came hammering through the house ripping open drawers and rifling through them in a panic," the PGA Tour player said. "I helped her search for a couple of hours then she spotted it in my beard.  It must have got caught up in there with some cornflakes or something."

More as it emerges. From Graham DeLaet's crumb duster.

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