Mark Wahlberg hole in one golf ball Rory McIlroy
Mark Wahlberg proudly displays the lucky "Pink Lady" Rory McIlroy advised him to use.

Famous film star guy who you sometimes confuse with Matt Damon and keen golfer Mark Wahlberg made a hole-on-one today, and took to Twitter 4.7 seconds after to celebrate with all his friends. Wahlberg holed from 191 yards with a 9-iron (or so he says cough) at Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport Beach, California.

But the big news about Wahlberg's big shot was the ball he used. The photo shows it was a pink "Flying Lady."

"Rory McIlroy told me to always keep a shite ball or two in the bag for par-3's over water," Wahlberg said in a tough Boston type accent.  "He said I was a fecking idiot to risk a good Pro-V1 trying to hit a 9-iron 191 yards over a lake. Rory reckoned my 9-iron hits it 130 yards max, on a good day. But I showed him!"

Rory McIlroy later replied to Wahlberg's tweet. Because celebs only ever reply to other celebs on twitter.

More as it emerges.

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