Fuzzy Zoeller claims he had his fingers crossed when he bet John Daly $150,000.
Bad news for birthday boy John Daly who thought he was going to collect $150,000 from Fuzzy Zoeller who bet him he would never reach the age of 50.

It has emerged today that the bet, supposedly made 15 years ago  at Augusta National during The Masters, was not legal.

Zoeller claims that he had the fingers of his left hand crossed behind his back at the very moment they shook on the bet, thereby nullifying it.

The International Confederation of Bets (ICOB) issued a statement earlier today backing Zoeller's claim.  "According to rule 14-6 subsection 3 paragraph 6, Any bet in which one or both parties have their fingers crossed behind their back shall become null and void," a spokesman said.

A disappointed Daly said "I never even thought to check if Fuzzy had his fingers crossed. Stupid me. Of course I should have checked. I was drinking a lot back then. Ah well f*ck it anyway."

Daly is reportedly  putting together a "double or quits" bet with Zoeller on whether he can reach 100.

More as it emerges.

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