Setting up the M1 driver to play Augusta with Brian Bazzel.

During our Golfbidder 2016 equipment reviews recently, I had a bit of fun with TaylorMade's Brian Bazzel and put him on the spot by asking how he would set up his M1 for the four Majors in 2016, starting with The Masters.

I have to say Baz coped as you might expect; brilliantly!

How to adjust the TaylorMade M1 for Augusta National
The hottest driver in golf this year is arguably the M1 from TaylorMade and it looks like the perfect weapon to tame Augusta. Shaping the ball off the tee is imperative at The Masters, but with it's generous fairways, squeezing every yard of distance will also be crucial.TM staffers will be at the Tour Truck in the lead up to Thursday's start tweaking their M1's for a draw bias to sling it around those famous doglegs.We caught up with Brian Bazzel earlier in the year to find out how he recommend's setting up the M1 for the big season opener.Take a look at our stock of M1 and M1 430 here -
Posted by Golfbidder on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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