While the rest were stuck in their phones, Billy Ho flipped the bird.
Need your help with this folks. For one day only. Ballyliffin GC are hoping to get their logo on Shane Lowry's shirt. Pls RT.

So Billy Horschel was caught giving the finger on Live TV during a rain delay at the Zurich Classic?  He has since apologised and said he wasn't flipping the bird to the camera but his mate who was behind it.  But he still may face a fine from the PGA Tour for it. Why?

I don't think he has anything to apologise about.

The middle finger is hardly something so appallingly shocking especially when used with a smile in a fun way.  We all do it; it's almost expected when a camera is suddenly stuck in your face!

Shouldn't we be thankful that Horschel was the only one who even looked up from their phone and noticed the camera?

Give me a break!

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