Bono alongside the giant alligator earlier.
A gigantic alligator's annual walk to promote the otherwise non newsworthy and frankly shitty Palmetto Golf Course was upstaged yesterday when U2 lead singer Bono showed up unexpectedly to steal his thunder.

The 73 year old Irish crooner who recently also turned up uninvited, like a pubic hair in a yoghurt, at a Bruce Springsteen gig had given no prior indication to fans that he would appear alongside the gigantic specimen.  The tinted megastar blasted out a slightly altered version of 2 In A Room's Wiggle It Just A Little Bit, swapping Wiggle for Wriggle, alongside the gator before being whisked away amid tight security.

"He's one ferocious old reptile, ready to snap the hand off you just to get in the news," said the alligator after.

More as it emerges.

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