With the Britain Exit From The EU or BREXIT vote looming in Britain, thoughts have turned to the consequences for British Tour professionals should the country choose to leave the European Union.

The impact of BREXIT on British Tour players on the European Tour.

Without any bias whatsoever GCD has clarified with the European Tour what will become of British golfers in the immediate aftermath of a YES vote.

1. No British player will be allowed play on the European Tour ever again.  Even in events in Asia, The Emirates, Africa and Australia because they are all obviously part of Europe. Irish pros are fine.  They are doing the right thing and staying in the European Union.

2. All British professionals holding European Tour cards will be directed to the Trilby Tour.

3. The European Tour will discontinue monitoring, sharing and retweeting all the crappy social media posts of British players.

4. No British players will be allowed play in the Ryder Cup ever again.  Even if none are on going to get on the European Team anyway.

5. All former British winners of The Open and European Tour events will be stripped of their titles and pikey debt collectors sent to their houses to get the prizemoney back. Moneys won in Sterling will be converted to Euros at a rate to be set by Robert Mugabe.

So do the right thing Britain and stay in the EU.

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