Muirfield wives. Bedroom services suspended indefinitely.
The Muirfield Golf Club anti female member stance has been ratcheted up a notch this morning with the news that the wives of the clubs male members have voted overwhelmingly to suspend all bedroom services.

"This is a very worrying development and one we really didn't countenance," said Captain of Muirfield Golf Club, Henry Fairweather. "My birthday is coming up next week and to be honest it's one of only two times a years I get a blowie, so I'm obviously pretty put-out that that.  The other is at Christmas by the way."

In other news, legal teams are looking into a possible breach of Muirfield's no female member rule after it was discovered by Caitlin Jenner is listed as a current member.  Lawyers contend Muirfield's Secretary manager forgot to suspend Bruce Jenner's membership after he successfully underwent a sex change to become Caitlin. This could pave the way for a challenge to the clubs constitution, which could overturn the no female member rule.

Jenner. He/she was a really good swing.

More as it emerges.

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