Tiger Woods at The Memorial 12 months ago cut a forlorn figure.
I just posted a little video to my facebook profile because I feel it's the right time to make a point about Tiger Woods and this talk of a comeback.

Yes everybody would love to see the old Tiger back; it would be super to see him back to his best putting McIlroy, Spieth and Day to the sword. But the chances of it happening are so remote now, that we shouldn't push it.

All the talk now relating to Woods is centred around returning from injury. Once his back is batter, he'll be back better than ever! Wont he?  Are we forgetting the way Tiger Woods was playing prior to his last surgery?  As a Woods fan, it was simply heart breaking to watch.

This for instance is 12 months ago this week at The Memorial on Sunday.

If you remember Tiger made the cut fine, and was just +1 after eight holes of his third round.  Then anxiety and exasperation kicked in and out of nowhere he shot 85, capped with a double yip quadruple bogey on 18. It was only his second one in 16 years.

Then this was Sunday.

Playing alone, tending his own pins, still suffering around the greens, finishing last by 8 shots.

It was just so sad to watch.  So when I hear the media constantly pushing him about a comeback it worries me. Tiger doesn't need to prove anything, he's done it all in the game. He has achieved legendary status. Let the man rest.

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