Lydia Ko. Zika no problem
Jason Day and Shane Lowry pulled out yesterday from the Rio Olympics and again the Zika virus was blamed. But the funny thing is not one single LPGA players has withdrawn. I'll get back to that.

So all the top men say they cant take the risk. It's actually easier now to count the guys who are going.

But every cloud has a silver lining and on the flip side I heard Padraig Harrington, who is now virtually guaranteed to get the chance to represent Ireland, talk on the radio about doing his research and learning of the the minimal risk of Zika virus and there being very few mozzies around during the Brazilian winter.  Also nice to know that nobody working at the Olympic golf course has contracted the virus. Podge was flippin' delighted to be representing his country.

Lexi for USA. No problem either.
The truth is, there may be some fears over Zika, but they have blown out of proportion by those in golf to suit players ends who don't want to travel.  Olympic Golf is simply not a priority because there's not enough money in it and it it's getting in the way of Majors.

What mens golf has done is told the world they are probably right if they figured they are overpaid, self obsessed not real athletes who spent four years working to get to the Olympics.

To put it into perspective, golf is the only sport that is suffering pullouts from the Rio Olympics.  And just men's golf.  At time of writing not even one LPGA Tour player has withdrawn from the Games. Most of the players already have or will want to start families at some stage and come to think of it women are the ones who actually give birth.  You might think if anyone was to be afraid of Zika risks it would be women?

And they are not.

Are you beginning to see what's going on here?

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