USGA Rules guy Jeff Hall insisted they were right with Dustin Johnson.
**Shane Lowry calling a ball move penalty on himself was not included in the stats. The ref was not asked to adjudicate in that instance.**

Here are the stats on referee rulings from the 2016 US Open.

In total over the four rounds referees were called on to rule on balls moving on the greens ten times at Oakmont.  One of those was the Dustin Johnson ball move.  In every incident the volunteer listened to the player explain he did not cause the ball to oscillate or move on the greens which were touching a lightning 15 on the stimpmeter.

And on EVERY occasion, including with Dustin Johnson, the referee agreed with the player and deemed no breach of limits set out in Decisions 18-2/0.5.

However in nine of the ref callouts there were no TV cameras present to record the incident, and on that one other occasion there were. With Dustin Johnson in the final round.

So on one occasion out of 10, the USGA chose to overrule and embarrass their own referee and ultimately brand Dustin Johnson a cheat for not owning up to having made his own ball move.  Because they adjudged after reviewing the footage that he did.

Doesn't it seem strange that on the one incident where TV cameras did catch a ball move, and appear to exonerate a player, that's the only guy to be penalised?

Was there an ulterior motive?

Whatever happened it was downright wrong.

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