Tiger Woods could make a dramatic return from injury and compete in next months Open Championship according to the High Sparrow.

Woods could play Open at Troon says High Sparrow
Speaking at packed press conference in Kings Landing this morning, the High Sept pointed out that Divine law was equally applicable to both high and lowborn and Woods injury setbacks were a punishment sent from The Seven for past sins committed.

"It wouldn't take much for Tiger to get back on track really," the High Sparrow said. "Let's face it the man has sinned greatly, you know all the usual stuff like buggery, incest, regicide, waitresses but if we locked him up for a couple of weeks in the Red Keep with some hardcore repenting and nothing to eat except boiled rats, we could get him to beg forgiveness.  All going well he would perform the Walk Of Atonement in the nip on the streets of Troon on the first week in July, then he should be good to play."

Asked whether Woods could go on to break Jack Nicklaus' Major record, the High Sparrow was less sure.

"I can't speak for The Gods, I can only allow The Gods to speak through me, but I don't see another US Open in him" he said grinning ever so slightly.

More as it emerges.

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