Mike Davis should be made do the Walk Of Atonement
The USGA's Mike Davis did an interview with the Golf Channel yesterday and spoke about the rules debacle that marred the US Open.

You make up your own mind but I didn't get any hope from this. While saying he is sorry, Davis still maintains that Dustin Johnson caused his own ball to move backwards.

"When you look back at the whole issue, you can break it down into two parts. It's a rules of golf issue, of trying to make sure that you apply the rules correctly the way they're written. And we do believe we did that," Davis said. "But there's another part of it in terms of the conduct of the championship itself, and that's where we'd really like a mulligan because clearly we made a big bogey."

Oh for God's sake. We'd like a Mulligan?

"That really gets down to putting in essence the championship on the final day almost in limbo to where the players, and in this case Dustin, didn't know where he stood in terms of a score," he said. "That's where, if we could do it again, we should have just applied the penalty once we looked at the video."
You shouldn't have applied the penalty, because he didn't make his ball move!!
If there was such a thing as an arrogant apology this would be it.

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