Out of order. What a dick of a question to ask a Major winner??
If the USGA get away with this they will have done well. It was disgusting, disrespectful and downright out of order. What  away to treat  a Major Champion.

Dustin Johnson is the 2016 US Open Champion. But he had to beat the course, the referees, the officials and the USGA to do so.

First calling Johnson for a foul that never was, and insisting on notifying the rest of the field Let's look at the incident.

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Rory McIlroy said this...

And then how did Dustin hold his nerve to be so gracious to the USGA. Very diplomatic.

I cannot still believe Joe Buck came out with this.

Absolutely disgraceful question from Joe Buck and Fox Sports to ask a champion. Awful awful way to address a champion.

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