Rich Beem's opening round of 69 at the PGA Championship was no fluke; he has been in his backyard gym in Texas for six hours a day everyday for two months sculpting his body in preparation for this event.  Well he's been mainly working on upper arms and neck to be fair.

Thanks to everyone who engaged with my #TrackerBeem Twitter page commentary yesterday. Here are the best bits.
Rich does 400 curls of six ford transit axels eight times a day.
It had been a while since Rich played in a Tour event but all things considered the organisers did a pretty good job with his profile picture.

Beemers profile pic when he was last on Tour in '73.
Beemer was paired yesterday with Steve Stricker and you could cut the tension with a knife.  Stricks used to bully Beemer when they were on Tour first, pinning him against the wall and stealing the few cents he had earned.

Stricks used pin Rich to the wall and take his money!

Yesterday Rich made history by becoming the first person ever to be sponsored by both Cialis and Viagra at the same time.

Of course dehydration in the hot and humid New Jersey conditions was the big fear everyone had.  That last picture of Rich lying dehydrated in a hospital bed in Qatar with his head ready to implode was harrowing.

A severely dehydrated Beem in a Qatar hospital.

In his early days on the PGA Tour Rich's best friend was Vijay Singh.  The pair were so poor they had to share the same pair of glasses.  The two friends eventually drifted apart with Singh claiming Beem never did anything except practise practise practise.

Rich and Vijay were like brothers. Even shared glasses.

Youngers readers wont know this but Beem once wrote a book. It built his house for him.

Rich is a massive Star Trek fan and even auditioned for the role of Kirk in the latest reboot.  The director thought his features were more suited to being a Klingon. Minimal makeup required.

Rich's Ping Eye 2 was the last persimmon to feature a trampoline effect on the face.

After all his gym work Rich is now down to 132 pounds, the same weight as when he last played on Tour in 1978.

Rich once beat Walter Hagan 9 and 8. Back in 1958.

Thanks to sis Susie and mum Diana for your help.  I think we succeeded!!  #TrackerBeem out!!

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