Bet you never knew that 2016 PGA Champ Jimmy Walker was an astral photographer of some renown?
Walker's website is a commercial enterprise in itself with more wonderful iamges of celestial bodies, galaxies and nebulas than you could shake a stick at.  The ‘about’ section confirms we are dealing with the one and same PGA Tour player Jimmy Walker who has just won the 2016 PGA Championship.
My name is Jimmy Walker.  I am a husband, father, professional golfer, car guy, and a bit of wine snob.   We live in Boerne, TX and I play golf on the PGA TOUR.  My family and I travel around quite a bit each year.  We spend about 25-30 weeks a year on the road.  We travel in a large bus while on the road, keeping the family close together and giving our two boys a sense of “home”. I have enjoyed remote imaging at NMSkies which affords me the opportunity to image year round while we travel.  I have enjoyed this very much.  I do miss being under the stars.
In order to pursue his passion Walker has invested $50,000 into his photography equipment and is also sponsored by  Celestron Telescopes.
jimmy Walker website“As a kid I remember having a telescope and looking at the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter,” Walker recalls in a Celestron blog post. “Now, we have a house with a big backyard, and I thought it would be fun to get a telescope again.
“My fascination started with looking up, and from there it evolved to attaching a camera and taking long exposures. Two and a half years down the road, here we are taking really cool images.”
“Having an artistic background, or an artistic side to you, helps. My style is changing a little bit. I used go very vibrant. I keep learning about color balance, so now I’ve started to go a little more natural. I’ve gone back and reprocessed my earlier images so they look more natural, show more detail, and have better color balance."
“It's all art, its what you want it to look like—no one knows what these objects look like. There’s no right or wrong, it’s your artistic impression. I just try to make them appear how I think they would look if you could actually see them.

Didn’t I always say Jimmy went under the radar?  I meant over it. Far over it.

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