Word inside the ropes is that the "Nike balls" that Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods have been using may have been "Bridgestone balls" rebranded with a swoosh all along.

Rory McIlroy will join Tiger Woods with a Bridgestone ball in January.

It might be the silly season but since Tiger Woods showed up at Albany with an overtly big B for Bridgestone on his ball, the conspiracy theories have abounded.

The most interesting one is that the Bridgestone ball was the Nike ball all along; only with a tick instead of that B.

Golf balls are only a drop in the ocean of Bridgestone's rubber business, but with their golf balls finally getting exposure through Woods sales have gone through the roof.

A David Dusek report quotes Bridgestone's Corey Consuega:

“It changes the way we can tell the consumers and the public how good we are in the golf ball category,” Consuegra said. “We get outspent by our biggest competitors, but (Woods is) one of the best players to ever play the game, period, and he could have selected any golf ball on the market today he wanted, and he chose to go with the B330S.”

With Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy now firm friends and equipment advisors the world is now waiting to see if McIlroy also shows up in January with the Bridgestone B330s ball.

Could the Titleist Pro V1 finally finally have a rival?

**Update Sat 10th:**
I've gotten the definitive word from my source in Nike. And I was right. Sort Of!

To set the record straight, Bridgestone made Nike's most premium balls thru one Tour and One Tour D. TW played the Tour D until his last comeback a year and half ago when he put RZN in play. Rory played RZN from day 1 as a Nike sponsored tour player. No RZN balls were ever produced by Bridgestone.

So who produced RZN balls? Titleist?

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