Microhinges, Thermoplastic elastomers,  Co-molding, backspin, skidding, high ball sped to head ratio! Is the O-Works concept from Odyssey a little tough to get your head around? I recently took a look Under The Hood for Golfbidder to will explain everything in plain English.

The holy grail in putting is really to get the golf ball rolling end over end as quickly as possible.  What actually happens when you strike a putt, is that the ball first jumps off the face, then skids and then starts to roll forward. A really good analogy of a putt when viewed in super slow motion is actually like looking at a topspin volley in tennis, the jump off the face is really surprising.

Odyssey O Works Putter Explained
Everything You Need To Know About The O-Works putter insert from Odyssey!

So, what putter engineers constantly strive for is to develop inserts that shorten that jump and skid phase get that ball rolling as quickly as possible.  Think one of those lawn bowls professionals; the bowl rolls off their fingers immediately going end over end and as a result they can judge distance control incredibly well.

Think of the lawn bowls guys. No skid off those fingers.

So the O-Works is simply an insert that is another step towards getting the ball rolling forward quicker off the  putter face. The "microhinges" that Odyssey refer to are there to reduce the jump and skid phase simply get that ball rolling.

The nice thing too is that Odyssey are incorporating the O Works inserts into several of their existing tried and trusted and loved models.

 Watch out too for our in depth O-Works video with Odyssey's top man Austie Rollinson. I be bringing that and host of other equipment videos to you from the 2017 PGA Show.

Stay tuned!

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