Tiger Woods beard is expanding at an alarming rate and could cover his entire facial area as early as 2022, Global Warming experts have warned.

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The slide of Tiger Woods hair from his head to his face over the past 10 years has been alarming say NASA boffins.

NASA Scientists have charted the shift of Woods hair from the top of his head to his chin over the past 10 years and attribute the phenomenon to a rise in the Earth's temperature due to industrial pollution.

"We estimate the current rate of movement of the flow to be one inch per year," chief NASA boffin Buzz Armstrong told reporters. "Now one inch a year doesn't sound like much but if we don't take this seriously now, Tiger's face will be entirely under hair as soon as 2022." 

If scientists are correct the sheer amount of hair on Tiger Woods face could impact his ability to see the golf ball and threaten his golf career.

US President-elect and friend of Woods, Donald Trump has denied the claims.

“Tiger's face will be tremendous believe me," Trump said today. "The hair will go back to the top of his head in a year or two, I guarantee you. He’ll have the best hair, just the best."

 More as it emerges.

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