The golf world is rounding squarely on Rory McIlroy today after he chose to play golf with an ugly pair of shorts.

Rory McIlroy Donald Trump Funny
McIlroy wearing the offensive shorts.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to social media to express their outrage against McIlroy who defied advice from doctors treating his rib injury and played a round of golf wearing the offensive looking shorts at Trump International Golf Club in Florida on Sunday morning.

Top sports broadcaster Nathan Murphy took to twitter to say McIlroy made a 'massive error of judgement' by not wearing trousers and exposing his skinny little milk bottle legs. Murphy said that McIlroy could have used his injury as the perfect excuse not to play in the God awful shorts.

It is believed McIlroy got a call from White House officials late Saturday asking if he would be available to play on Sunday and hadn't time to find a proper pair of trousers or even some decent shorts as he was going to The Batman Lego Movie that night and hadn't a feckin' second to think.

A photo from the day shows McIlroy standing beside the President of the United States wearing the disgusting pair of Hurley's.

More as it emerges.

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