Thank goodness for the strong winds forecast for Augusta this week or else there would be nothing to stop the pros from ripping it up.

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Or at least that's the impression you get reading Tiger Woods comments about how easy Augusta plays now compared to his hey day.

Tiger at Augusta earlier.

“The golf course has been redesigned and it’s not as difficult as it used to be,” Woods said in an interview at his book launch last week. “The golf course was quicker and faster. All the greens have been redesigned and it’s not as difficult as it used to be; they’ve all gotten bigger and flatter. But at the same time they’ve made the golf course longer so we’re all hitting longer shots into (the greens).”

According to organisers

"Our fairways are mowed at 3/8 inch, the second cut at 1 3/8th inch, the tees at 5/16 inch, the collars at 1/4 inch and the greens at 1/8 inch. All mowings are subject to weather conditions and growth."

With the fairways mowed against the grain, which stops the ball running, but also makes it sit up perfectly.

Twenty under the winning score so!

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