Brandel Chamblee is in the news again for making the most stupid of comments about Ian Poulter after his T2 at The Players. Maybe that's why the Golf Channel continue to employ him. He's there for idiot shock value at this stage?

Ian Poulter destroys brandel chamblee
Poulter destroyed Brandel Chamblee on Twitter.
Chamblee has blocked so many people from twitter that now his own colleagues have to tweet what he says.

Cue Ryan Lavner to relay Chamblee's latest gem.

Brandel Chamblee Idiot Tweet
Brandel's own colleague points out the idiocy on twitter. 

It didn't take long for Poults to hit back.

"Sorry to disappoint, I can only dream of being as good as's clearly very easy sitting on your arse.."

And the reward for Poults? Being added to the illustrious club of people who are banned by Brandel on Twitter. I'm in it too by the way!

That wasn't even the height of Chamblee's idiocy this weekend. This was.

Last 5 winners: Kim, Day, Fowler, Kaymer, Tiger. Superstar proof!

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