It's always interesting to hear from Jack Nicklaus on Memorial week and he was in fine form at his presser yesterday with plenty to say.

Nicklaus was asked about Rory McIlroy entering this weeks event only to withdraw to rest his rib injury.

“You think I had any injuries when I played? Do you think Arnold had any injuries when he played? Do you think Gary had any injuries when he played? How many tournaments do you think that we entered that we withdrew from during the course of our career?” Nicklaus said.

Holding up his fingers Jack then made the number ZERO.

“Never entered if I wasn’t going to play,” Nicklaus said.

Nicklaus went on to intimate that a player cannot think for himself anymore and instead his entourage makes the decisions.

“Would they withdraw back 30 years ago? Probably not, because that wasn’t the norm,” Nicklaus said. “We played through it. We had a ton of injuries and I played through it. But that’s sort of the norm today. And the guys … I made my own decisions. I didn’t have an entourage. I didn’t have a fitness trainer. I didn’t have a nutritionist, whatever you all have, somebody to cut my toenails in the morning.

I'm pictured Sean O'Flaherty clipping Rors toenails!!!  Yuk!!!

Rory McIlroy Funny
Sean gives Rors a pedicure!

Nicklaus then had this to say backing Tiger Woods in his current predicament.

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