Only in America would a kid be forced to strip off and search for a ball in a lake, which nobody hit into a lake. Yes they love a good ruling in the USA!

David Wicks in the muddy water.

This strange case featured David Wicks of Jacksonville University in the NCAA Championship qualifiers.

Wicks had marked his 3 foot putt for par and after reading his putt on a steep slope and stood up his ball fell out of his pocket, hit his shoe and rolled off the green into a lake.

Only in America did common sense not prevail and Wicks was told he needed to find his original ball or be assessed a two-shot penalty for not completing the hole with the same ball. Faced with the possibility that this would cause his team to lose out, Wicks was forced to strip down and enter the water.

After five minutes fruitless searching, the Englishman had found about 30 balls but not his own.

Here's the video. Credit Ryan Lavner.

It's testament to his character that Wicks didn't get flustered. He made a six on the hole and parred his way home, getting his Dolphin team into and through a playoff.

But the real stupidity of the situation can be seen in the video.  The referee counting down the seconds to a lost ball.  It's embarrassing and ridiculous in the extreme.

Only in America!

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