Lee Westwood and Chubby Chandler have been together that long you would have been forgiven for thinking they were best pals and not merely player and agent. And like always in golf, there's no room for friends where money is involved even if news of their split comes as a shock.

In happier times. Chubby and Lee back in the days.

So why are they splitting?

I always believed Westwood was part owner of Chubby's management company ISM, but maybe not. Maybe Lee also thought he was part owner of ISM and had a "legal" difference over something or other?

Could it be something do to with his equipment contract? Lee's deal with Ping is up at the end of the year and even though he was second at The Masters, at 44 he's not exactly a spring chicken star that can secure a big money deal. But I don't believe it's that.

The news that Westwood is moving to IMG, a giant of sports management, is probably the clearest clue.

Westwood might be at the twilight of his playing career but he is set to be the goose that lays the golden egg in 2020 when he becomes the European Ryder Cup Captain.  His off course earnings will be enormous from 2018 onwards as he assumes the role.  Could an issue regarding these Ryder Cup earnings, which maybe believed by Lee not to be subject to the managers usual 10% commission be the issue?

The truth is out there somewhere. One thing is for sure. Its about money.

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