What started as an argument on Twitter yesterday regarding a player using another players ball to stop his own, and thus gain advantage, took a dodgy twist when Justin Thomas seemed to equate it to big name players hitting into crowds (without shouting FORE understood) and getting good breaks.

The initial argument surrounded Tony Finau hitting a shot quickly from a plugged lie in a bunker which hammered off his playing partners ball (which he hadn't time to mark) on the green and left him a short putt.

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Whatever about that, it was Thomas's second tweet here that caught my eye.

BC a big name has a bigger gallery than a rookie when he hits a drive offline? 

Is Thomas equating the Finau shot to the advantage gained by a big name player who hits a crooked tee shot yet has a big gallery lining the fairways?

And the conversation is about players rights.

The only ADVANTAGE I can garner from this is that big name players have the luxury of crowds to hit into without shouting FORE and essentially use them as sidewalls to bounce balls off and keep their balls in play.

A rookie with no gallery, who hits a crooked drive, doesn't get that advantage.

Surely nobody has the "right" to hit into a crowd in the first instance?

Is there another explanation?  Did JT mean something else? Somebody help me here.

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