I don't think any of us would have taken Jason Dufner for the voice of the people but after he destroyed serial blocker Brandel Chamblee on Twitter he's a hero in my book.

The problem between the pair stems from a Chamblee criticism of Dufner's coach Chuck Cook and a subsequent twitter conversation that ended in Dufner being the latest to be blocked from Chamblee's feed.

Dufner reached out to the golfing community and got a massive response from the hundreds that have been also been blocked by Chamblee.

Dufner lit up the twittersphere with....

Dufner versus Chamblee on Twitter

Dufner said 
Best part of my day.. when people aren’t educated in what they are saying, they run and hide from the truth. It’s to keep what they have going and not be exposed for being a fraud.

Chamblee responded later
Twitter often brings out the worst in people, but one should consider there is no age limit to be on this forum&profane language is generally uncalled for. I have no beef w/Duf,he can carry on doing his thing -and we should all pardon reciprocally frailty,as it exists in us all.

Dufner has been busy since retweeting other stories of their Brandel clashes.

BTW Have you seen the latest video from golf impression genius Steven Connolly, the man who brought us the Rory Press conference video this year?

It's the story of "How Jack Got His Rolex"

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