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A blonde haired Golf Channel presenter had a lucky escape yesterday after she beat off what appeared to a crazed fan during a live TV broadcast.

The quick thinking stacked presenter grabbed a dust bin lid to fend off the elderly man, rumoured to be an escaped psychiatric patient, as millions watched on TV.  Security then quickly wrestled the man to the ground before bundling him away.

"He was sniffing around her and waving his arms and stuff for a while before she took that garbage can lid and laid him out cold," a witness told reporters.

The dramatic moment when a blonde Golf Channel presenter beats away a crazed fan.

Fears that such an incident could take place have been growing in recent weeks after the number of blonde haired large breasted women in short skirts employed by the Golf Channel rose to a record high of 87 in January.

"The stereotyping of all female golfers as having blonde hair pigmentation and abnormally large mammary glands for their body mass index would never be considered by an institution as noble as the Golf Channel so the fact that there's a tonne of them in there now must be purely downright bad luck," a source told GCD.

Meanwhile at the Dubai Desert Classic on the European Tour security has been issued extra dustin lids to prevent a repeat of the incident when another blonde haired large breasted lady takes over the role of  first tee announcer tomorrow.

More as it emerges.

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